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Glenn Vaughn is one of the top certified tennis coaches and instructors who travels teaching individuals how to play on the chosen tennis courts within their own neighborhood locations of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware; therefore providing every player that trains and participates with him the best lessons, clinics plus leagues throughout that tri-state area.

His elaborate coaching experiences consist of many years of training with leaders in the top professional tennis industry to become best qualified for transferring every knowledge gained effectively over to his roster of many players whom practice with him on the tennis courts to seek excellent advantages towards improvement.

He has remained up to date with the latest technical advances in the game demonstrated by many of the top players of the world then analyzes each of their common stroke biomechanical reference points to teach them to his students for quickest reference point learning.

Coaching individuals, groups and career minded competitive tournament players to a highly ranked success remains his strongest focus while providing each person receiving his instructions with good training very early during their tennis instruction with him whenever that moment and occasion arises.

No matter what anybody's actual on the court skills level may be considered either beginner, intermediate or advanced his interest are to always improve their increasing knowledge of learning how to play tennis better by demonstrating techniques taught to elevate that players game; therefore please feel free to contact him immediately through his e- ğ mail or telephone for a speedy evaluation of your specific needs or goals that are required on the tennis court.

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